Bloons Tower Defense 5

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Who hasn't heard about Balloon TD 5 already? This brand new game by Ninja Kiwi brings a lot of new balloon popping action to the table. The new Bloons TD 5 is not very innovative, though it is a joy to play. When you are a fan of the Bloons series, you must for sure have encountered it already online. Nothing has changed in the controls, so no new learning curve

Are you a new player to this game? Now worries, the tutorial might get you lost a bit, but in the first levels of the game the balloons will move quite slowly, so you have plenty of time placing your army of monkeys and tack towers next to the track.

The aim of BTD 5 is exactly the same as you are used to: stop the army of balloons from reaching the end of the mace. Each bloon you stop will earn you cash to buy new upgrades or weapons. The longer a tower is present to the track, the more XP it will earn and unlock even more upgrades. In this new game you have the chance to try over 20 new maps at 3 different difficulty levels. So go ahead and place your super monkeys, glue gunners and new boomerang monkeys next to the track. Check the wiki link in the footer to get some additional game information.

Play with your mouse and place your defensive tower next to the track. Prevent the balloons from reaching the end of the maze, or you will lose lives. Earn XP from the towers placed next to the track to unlock new upgrades. Each of the bloons popped will earn you extra money to spend. Check for more info this Bloons Tower Defense 5 page.


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Our website is fully dedicated to the games from the BTD series, created by Ninja Kiwi. In case you have never heard of BTD before, please have a look at the dedicated wikipedia page.

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